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A few months back (May 5th 2008), I purchased a FujiFilm S100fs. Personally,  I am more than delighted with this camera.

Below are a whole lot of images which are all straight from the camera. They are from a variety of shooting situations and a variety of camera settings. This ranges from 28 mm wide angle through to 400 mm telephoto and also 400 mm x 2 (Digital Zoom).

These are in chronological order and black and white images are from that setting in the camera.

They have not had any post processing done to them, except for a mild sharpening for web display. (USM 100, 0.3, 0). They have simply been resized for the web. Some have been cropped a little, but where there are high contrast areas which may display PF (Purple Fringing) or CA (Chromatic Aberration) these have not been cropped.

I am also adding new images to my RedBubble site constantly. If you wish to see images which are post processed and prepared for sale, please click my RedBubble link below.

You don't have to buy anything, just take a look if you would like to.

Dave Lloyd RedBubble S100fs Images.

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