My name is Dave Lloyd. I work as a photographer and produce images for sale.

I have been asked many times about my post processing work flow. I use Photoshop and post process images for sale through my own outlets, resellers, or for publication. I also teach photography and Photoshop.

I should point out, I do not post process every single image. A good camera and lens combination often needs little, or no, work.

Photoshop is an amazing tool and has many, many adjustment combinations. I've seen excellent results from post processing and I've also seen many disasters.

For my work, the goal of post processing an image is for it to end up as how I saw the scene, and also to preserve colour fidelity and tonal range.

On that note, the processes I describe work equally well on an image shot in black and white.

I have put together a few simple 'Tips and Tricks'. These are not all my own processes.

More, I am simply documenting processes that I have learned over the years and can be easily followed and understood. They are also some of the types of processes which I use on a daily basis.

I would encourage you to try different values, as you go, and see how these affect your own work.

Don't be afraid to experiment - Above all, have fun !

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Dave Lloyd - Photo Art