Recently (April, 2010), I purchased a FujiFilm HS-10.

The camera will shoot Raw images, and comes supplied with a Raw File Converter (RFC). This is 'powered' by SilkyPix, and is similar to the SilkyPix Developer Studio, albeit with a little less functionality.

This page simply shows the screen layouts you see when you are working in RFC.

For a more detailed step by step explanation. Please click the link here or at the bottom of the page.

The original Raw file, I have used in this example, is available here if you wish to download and play with it yourself.

Have fun.




Note : The example here, and the ones which follow it, are for developing Raw files. I also have a section for processing Jpeg files in RFC. You can access that by clicking here




The image below shows the layout of RFC, and I have included some dialogue to help identify some of the controls.




The image below shows the original image, with the controls I have opened in the 'preview' mode.




The image below shows the adjusted image, and outlines the settings used.



The image below shows the 'Save As' screen, and the 'Preview' box which can be opened when in this mode.



For a more detailed step by step explanation, please click here