Some bit's and pieces about cameras and post processing.


PhotoShop Actions

These are actions I have written for my own use. Some include action steps pioneered by others. Use them at your own risk.

Note : All of these actions work best on images which are from cameras of 12 megapixel, or above. If using a lower mp camera, it is advisable to upscale the image first. Upscale the image to, at least 3000 x 4000 ppi, or thereabouts.

- Sharpening Actions Basic, And NR Actions

Note : A set of seven actions. Three actions which also utilises PhotoShop's noise reduction as they sharpen. They are labelled as mild, medium, hard.

Also, four noise reduction actions. These were specifically written for different ISO settings on my S100 fs. They will, however, work with any camera. They utilise PhotoShop's NR program.

- Sharpening Action With Contrast Adjust

Note : This will sharpen and also add 'contrast' to an image. You can use the Layer Opacity slider to reduce the effect, after running. It was designed for images above 12 megapixel. Upscale the image to, at least 3000 x 4000 ppi, or thereabouts.

- Black and White and Sepia Actions

Note : This is a set of ten actions and converts colour images to black and white, or sepia. The sharpening action, above, must also be installed, as some of these actions also utilise it.

- Purple Fringe Killer Action

Note : I did not write this but, as the name says, it kills PF. It works extremely well. The original site which had the link to this has disappeared, so I have also included it here.